According to the WHO-Global Health Observatory data. Sub-Sahara Africa remain most severely affected with nearly 1 in every 25 adults (4.4%) living with HIV and accounting for nearly 70% of the People living with HIV world wide.

36.7 Million are living with HIV according to WHO Global statistic 2016, while Nigeria account for 9.26% of these people which make the country the second highest epidemic country in the world. AIDS Mortality in the world being documented at 1.1 Million as at 2016 report, Nigeria contribute 14% to AIDS Mortality, this is the highest record in the world. Out of the 3.4 Million Nigerians living with HIV/AIDS, less than 800, 000 of the population are accessing epileptic ART treatment in the country. This is just 4.6% to the 17Million people living with HIV accessing ART in the world. Over 2.4 Million still lack access to the life saving therapy.

Poverty, conflict, internal migration, HIV, other diseases and harmful practices such as child marriage are some of the primary causes of child vulnerability in Nigeria. Evidence suggest that 11.5 Million Children have lost one or both parents, 2.2 Million of them due to HIV and AIDS which is the highest number of Children orphaned by AIDS in the world.

There is a donor fatique due to various factors which include competitive demands for other global challenges like climate change, conflict, migration among others.

Please donate generously to support NEPWHAN Projects and Programs to reduce the burden of the epidemic on People living with HIV and AIDS and to reduce the vulnerability of Children Orphaned by AIDS in Nigeria.

Your generous donations will surely enhance our Patient Trust Fund Programs to provide care,Support Education for Orphans, Mentor Mothers support for PMTCT clients, ART Treatment literacy, Treatment Adherence support services and economic empowerment to orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) and People living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria.

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